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I hope the wind changes... and the vacuum in space will draw me to you..


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6' 1" - 185cm

180 lbs - 82 kg






Only in company

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Hi I'm Harry, I'm a fun loving, thrill seeking, adventure craving digital nomad specialized in Stock Broking and Consulting (Freelancing), i love to hike a lot while i discover new routes and special places, i also love travelling (Duh which Digital nomad doesn't? Lol), I'm also a trainee fitness coach so i love to workout alone, I'm not really into yoga though but i love to meditate and release myself and my mind from stress and mental burdens, i also love to swim (My delight), I love listening to classical music while i meditate (Weird right? ), I'm also a foodie, i love good food, well i wish i could surf (No.3 in my bucket list) I love scuba diving and the good 'ol basking in the beach sun ⛱🍹

I'm just looking for a lovely soulmate I'd connect with on an interstellar scale lol😂😉 Jokes apart....

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