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I am simple gentle hearted lady searching for for true love


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 17 days ago

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5' 6" - 168cm

130 lbs - 59 kg


Long term relationship





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I go on life a sure gait, I know what I want from myself, from life, from the future, from the man. I do not pay attention to others opinion and I live as it is pleasant to me. If to me cheerfully I laugh if I to me sadly am able to afford to shed a tear, but not for a long time because on grief you should never stop longer, than on ten minutes. I travel much and visited already more than in 20 straakh of the world. Also I do not want to stop on it. I have a set of interests and a hobby. I am a girl who can become for the man a princess, but not the Cinderella. I support equal relations, respect and care about each other in couple. To another simply it does not agree. Constantly work on myself also I keep the mind and a body in a tone.

The man whom I look for first of all is intelligent and brought well up. He does not consider himself better than people around, though knows the own worth and perfectly understands both the advantages, and shortcomings. He respects all people without exception if only they did not deserve that they them treated worse, than the majority. He respects elderly, the nature, the subordinates or colleagues, and of course women. He cannot open a door before the woman, to help it to undress and put on with a zavdeniye, he is gallant and romantic. It has purposes and ambitions which it pursues and wants to achieve bigger in life, in work, in creation of the relations, in personal development. In general I have no strict requirements to the man. He just has to be the good person and the purposeful personality that we could supplement each other and help each other.

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