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loving and caring


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5' 4" - 163cm

97 lbs - 44 kg


Long term relationship





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I am vanessa by name, 31 years Old, I am Single two years ago, Dark brown hair, Grey eyes, 5' 7", 141 lbs., Long hair and a healthy Lady. Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware and emotionally

I am seeking for a man that knows how to make things flow in an organized way. A man that is happily in love with me and that he will love the real me. I want also a man that is naturally and definitely loyal and have only one woman that he seeks to be with him in his entire life. A man that takes good care of my name and still respects and gives value to me. I am also looking for a man that knows how to value life and make it as his own responsibility upon living here in this world of paradise

Music, Nature

  • maddahmohamed  hi how are youHi, I will give you as much as we can speak