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5' 8" - 173cm

121 lbs - 55 kg


Long term relationship




Only in company

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Faithful, dependable, warm, engaging, vivacious. I've always been active and believe in eating and living a healthy lifestyle, thus many people say I neither look or act my age. My father instilled in me a sense of wanderlust and adventure so I am always ready to explore and engage in new cultures and the great beyond.

I’m looking for someone who I can sit around doing nothing with and not ever feel bored because their company alone is exciting enough. I am pretty emotional, intuition driven and spontaneous, so I admire those who are logical, careful and analytical but who are also not afraid to live and to feel. I like people who have their own minds and not influenced by others people judgement of who they are. Ultimately my perfect match is someone who can keep me steady and on the right path to keep me from flailing around wildly in all directions, but who is also willing to be silly and adventurous with me. I want someone who is okay with all of me, who I am, what I have done, what I am capable of doing, who doesn’t shy away from my intensity and is willing to be vulnerable, intimate and share a meaningful bond with me.

Computers, Music, Movies, Adventures