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I want a girl that loves me and loves me just like me


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6' 4" - 193cm

205 lbs - 93 kg


Long term relationship




Only in company

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Hello my name is Jorge Luis and I am 30 years old and I work and I like music and go to the disco and I drink a couple drinks in company and I love the beach and nature and I am here looking for my true love and I want a long-term relationship and a girl who loves me and loves me and you know what love is and like I give all my heart and my love and my time my dedication and I want to find my happiness and make her happy every day give love and form a home and a family to make a life together full of love and madness and live life to the fullest as if it were the last days of our life and I am a hulmide boy with a good heart and wanting to see life differently and what that is worth more life is happiness and money is not everyone in life but it is necessary but there are people who have many money are not happy because there is a void in his heart and lack love and love something more

and I am looking for a girl who loves me and really loves me like me that all the love that can give me like me that we are together until we get old and give us affection all the days and all the nights and that hagomos madness of love that is long term and enjoy life every second every minute and hour and that we give ourselves the opportunity to love each other forever

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