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LoL, btw thats the singer for Slipknot, Stone sour, tell me who, and we can chat


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5' 11" - 180cm

185 lbs - 84 kg


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Bye empty, As a little kids I thought a kiss and being naked at the same time was $&X. Once I kissed my cousin Julie in the bath tub, after I realized it, I ran and told Mom I accidentally had $&X with Julie, you should have seen my Mom's face, a horror movie couldn't do that.
My favorite doughnuts then was "bum bury em cream" translation, Bavarian cream, BTW girls only, only open minded ones at that, try to show me you're different, if you can.

Friends, chat, fun, keys, whatever, joking around, kidding, in general funness, but really, just my keys right now, :-)

Computers, Sport, Music, Movies, Nature, Chat, Adventures

  • jenz26  dear add me on skype jenny.lopes40..i wish we chatted our home someday