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Need one Who Value Love More than Anything


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5' 4" - 163cm

110 lbs - 50 kg







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I am working as a freelance IT consultant. My job is web developing, web designing and computer hardware related. I like reading, especially short stories and novels.For time-pass, I write stories in English on my FB wall and in the blog. I like psychology too. Like Spiritual literature also. I am a believer, like to go to non-traditional churches. I like traveling, politics, philosophy, art etc. I live in Trivandrum city in Kerala state, India. I like secular politics and not in line with religious extremism. I like to work with progressive and cultural movements. I like blogging. I maintain multiple blogs based on different subjects and publish articles. I maintain a blog which publishes articles about Life and life change. Other blogs contain my short stories, English lessons for Kerala people and scriptural truths. I like to study the social lives and culture of other nations. Especially nations like Canada, U.S, and Europe where the maximum communal harmony, human rights, freedom and cross-cultured society exists.

I want a committed, sincere, faithful and loving life-long female partner. I will surely be the same for her.No foul play, I don't have enough time for that. My lady's age should be, if possible, less than that of mine and body should be slim. Not physical features but cultural, psychological and spiritual qualities are important. Only these qualities can build up lives. I don't boast saying I am this and that because everyone has his own weaknesses as well as strengths and I am not an exemption. It doesn't mean that I like to continue in my weaknesses and faults, but always try to mend myself. Means, I try to follow some specific life principles, some outlook about life rather than lead a beastly life. If my partner is from Canada, most welcome. Canada is my dream land. I like Canadian culture and life. Canada and its culture hound me always. World's biggest cross-cultured nation where no communal violence or intolerance exist but social harmony. one of the real secular nations in the world where human lives have value.

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