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I am trustful honest, respectful, open minded, cute, handsome, but not stupid.


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5' 5" - 165cm

137 lbs - 62 kg


Something serious




Only in company

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I am trustful, honesty, respectful, open minded, cute, handsome, but not stupid, sexy, affectionate, intimate, a kisser, passionate, romantic, pleaser, compassionate, giver, trustworthy, dependable, adventurous, not selfish, loyal, caring, forgiving, loving, stimulating & not a cheater. My girlfriend, woman,*****partner, friend with benefits, date, or partner must have confidence and belief in each other no matter what, unless there's there proof or reason not to. Our relationship should not have guilty feelings or fear in asking or wanting anything. I do not like beating around the bush or playing head games but rather get to the point of whatever it is. I dislike when people are being called a liar when they're not. Especially if they done nothing wrong unless proven otherwise. I'm a firm believer a bad situations and or circumstances can be turned into good ones and communicating positively within a relationship promotes good energy and positive results, and communicating negatively promotes bad energy and negative results. I believe how you communicate to others shows your character, your spirit, and who you really are as a human being.

I be am looking and wanting a relationship and companionship that is built on a friendshiip, gladness, be gratefulness, happiness, live, hope, intimacy, affection, trust, love, and happiness. A woman that likes being sensual because she is, wants romance because it's wonderful, hands, and loves intimacy and joy to always be a be part of our lives. The woman that I find must be kind and nice which in turn brings positive energy and and Goodwill to life.

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