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Your wish is my desire!!!


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5' 5" - 165cm

137 lbs - 62 kg






Only in company

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I like women who likes to have fun and my number is seven six zero eight four four eight two two three and I try to be an open minded person especially when it to others. I believe that how you communicate to others will impact me and the lives of others positively or negatively it also shows their character and who they really are. I am affectionate, romantic, giving, compassionate, trustworthy, loyal, caring, loving, intelligent, adventures, kind, forgiving, dependable, and a pleasant person. I dislike lying​, haters, head games, beating around the bush, cheating in marriage and relationships, distrust, disrespectful people, presuming, and non supporting relationships. I believe bad circumstances can and will turn into a good ones eventually. I believe relationship's that have good energy will produce positive results and future, and relationships that have bad energy will produce negative results and future.

I be am looking and wanting a relationship and companionship that is built on a friendshiip, gladness, be gratefulness, happiness, live, hope, intimacy, affection, trust, love, and happiness. A woman that likes being sensual because she is, wants romance because it's wonderful, hands, and loves intimacy and joy to always be a be part of our lives. The woman that I find must be kind and nice which in turn brings positive energy and and Goodwill to life.

Computers, Music, Movies, Nature, Chat, Adventures