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5' 10" - 178cm

187 lbs - 85 kg


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I am a passionate and romantic man. My look and appearance is very important to me.. Beauty is in the eye of beholder, yes Look can be deceiving but beauty lies within , I am an attractive guy, soft spoken down to earth with good sense of humor , mysteries but in a good way, I lived through first half of my life like a roller coaster ride but that was all in the past so the next half I am determined to be the happiest time of my life that will keep me smile, I have great respects for peoples that have all the good quality . Well I am not perfect! but I want to be that perfect man that is hard to find . I am searching and defining the words true love and My heart is longing for that special woman and I am ready to explore the whole universe when ever and where ever am with her.... I love to travel and enjoying the simplest thing in life a touch of spontaneous moment makes life more excitement.. I have always an independent ambitious man,I have been around in the business world I believed in giving and receiving...I was brought up as a catholic man although I don't practice but i do believed there is a God he empowers me to be a man with dignity well respected . I am seeking for that one man woman who's being near perfect but must have a big heart, as big as her ego:).. I like a woman who is strong minded and ambitiousness.All the goodness in her heart display her compassionate generous and sympathy to others.Honesty and devotion is a plus.I want someone who can respects and value a man like a piece of diamond..I think it's enough and I will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Looking for the kind, romantic and loving woman..More as I meet him! That has to be willing to laugh a lot and honesty is a definite, did I say it is a must.My friends say that i am a good friend and kind. They think that i am funny. I think outside the box which always leaves room for so many opportunities. Contact me and find out more! Did I mention a woman with a relationship with God! So important. I love my life and want to share it with that special someone!

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  • ericadaniet32  Hello my good friend my good name is erica Daniet I' m from germany and i am right here to look for a good relationship a man of my heart a man who i will spend the rest of my life with, so please if you don't mind contact me through my email once you contact me i will you send you my beautiful pictures right here is my email ( )