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Akron, Ohio Man searching for my one and only


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5' 11" - 180cm

171 lbs - 78 kg


Something serious





Extra Information

Im a musicman, I been playing the keyboards since i was 11. Started performing at 17. Self-taught and made a living gigging and writing songs.
Other than that, im a machinist. OR was a machinist. Hurt my back due to heavy lifting all these years working in the shops. Get disability now. I'm not a lyer or a cheater.
I've had a pretty tough life so i'm looking for someone to be happy with.I like all kinds of music. Spend most of my time writing and learning all i can about everything. my goal is to write music for movie soundtracks. I already got my foot in the door.
I'm a nice guy who wants to be happy!!! Lets have some fun!!!

Well, I kinda did that up already. if i think of more ill add here.....

Computers, Music, Movies, Nature, Chat, Adventures

  • leatrice  Nice to meet you i am from united state of American which country are you from


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