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High School Cheerleader!!


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5' 3" - 160cm

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Extra Information

- violinist and cheerleader at my high school!
- bubbly personality!
- Kpop fan!!! (BTS army and Blink)
- Ideal date: probably a movie date or an amusement park date (like Disneyland! :o)
- animal lover <3
- Dream destination: Paris, London, or Seoul
- I'm a girly girl, so I adore everything that is pink and iconic ;)
- Favorite scents: rose and champagne (but when it comes to holiday scents, I really love peppermint!)
- Languages I speak: (I'm trying to learn Tagalog, French, and Korean tho.....kinda hard, but I'll learn eventually :3)
- I love to sing and dance (even though I'm not the best at it lol)
- I love bubble tea <3

I like to establish a strong friendship before taking it to the next level (y'know, dating, relationships, stuff like that c:)

- Ideal type: tall, cute (I find glasses kinda cute, hehe), handsome, athletic, singer/dancer (bonus point c:), loves Kpop like me, loves wearing bucket hats (A+++++), sweet, honest

Sport, Music

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