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I'm a nice person, and if you're a nice person, we'll get along great!


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4' 9" - 145cm

189 lbs - 86 kg

Few extra pounds

Long term relationship





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I like crocheting, singing, dancing, creative writing, anime, LGBT+ topics, nature, cats, and nice people. I don't like racists, homophobes, or sanists. I like any gender or no gender. Your gender doesn't matter, it's how you treat me that matters. One thing. I don't date black males specifically. It has to do with trauma. I prefer Asians, Hispanics, or White people, and black women or other genders besides males would be fine. By male I mean if you have a penis. I also don't want to date any gangbangers.

Chat, dates, friends, a serious relationship, and someone who will understand me and listen just as much as they talk. I want someone who isn't going to cheat or lie to me.I want someone who's going to be there through thick and thin and the ups and downs. I'm not asking you to be perfect, just try to be a good person and I'll take it.

Computers, Music, Movies, Nature, Chat, Adventures

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