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Gentleman with a Wildside


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5' 10" - 178cm

200 lbs - 91 kg






Only in company

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I think you'll find once you get to know me, I am a gentleman. The kind of man that will always open the door for a lady, pull her chair out for her on a dinner date, even hold your purse for you while your trying on cloths at the department store. I am also a musician. I've been playing drums since I was a child. So as a musician, I come with a wild side too! When the time is right, I know how to let loose and have fun. Music is a very important part of who I am. I enjoy many types of music but I am a Punk Rocker at heart, and that's the kind of music that I've performed for many years. I've been out of the music scene for a couple years, but I recently started a new band and I'm hoping to find a special someone to see us perform very soon

I would like to find an open minded woman to maybe just start chatting with and getting to know. No undue pressure, just start by having fun and hopefully we will both be ready at the right time to get together some time.

Music, Movies

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