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6' 0" - 183cm

183 lbs - 83 kg


Long term relationship




Only in company

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I live in California, Originally German and British American, Single with no kids

hoping I'd find my expectations on here, Not looking for too much, just one decent sweetheart who's ready to converse at length, taking loads of his time in getting to know me and hopefully ending up falling deeply in love with me, not because of what I'm but because of who I'm, I've heard there're so many weirdos on here, of course nothing good comes easy, But they say good wines are found in older bottles, My ideal partner is someone who can make me laugh even in the worst of situations, someone who brings up my mood when I'm feeling really down, He isn't the sexiest man out there, but he is pretty attractive in his own way, I don't pay much attention to looks, it's mostly secondary to me, Personality is what reels me in. Someone funny. Stupid jokes, bad jokes, it doesn't matter, as long as you have a personality. Someone who knows about the world and has some sort of passion in life, who motivates me when I wanna give up, I want a companion who I can trust in life,

Sport, Music, Movies, Nature, Adventures