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I love caring and loving a girl


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4' 6" - 137cm

88 lbs - 40 kg







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Hello my people, ladies and gentlemen
I am interested in getting a lady here
I am single and searching
I am a 22yrs old
I am gentle and trustworthy person
I am gentle guy
I am a cool and caring guy
I love to Care for girls
I am here to get fall in love with someone
U can be my date of my best friends
I love to go out for clubbing and dancing
I love listening to music
I love dancing so much
I love to play with a lady all the time

I am looking for a lady to love and care for
I am looking for yellow, pretty and sexy lady
I am looking for a good looking girl
I am looking for a date or Best friends together

Sport, Music, Movies, Chat

  • Jungkook_97  Hey... I am up for a friendship or relationship


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